• 1800ml<木箱入り>
    ¥11,000 (税込)
  • 720ml<木箱入り>
    ¥5,500 (税込)


※English follows Japanese.

【2023年5月 全国新酒鑑評会「金賞」受賞!!】
【2023年7月 ミラノ酒チャレンジ2023「ダブル金賞」受賞!】
【2023年9月 Oriental Sake Awards 2023 大吟醸 / 吟醸 (芳醇)部門「金賞」受賞!!】







※木箱入りで紙袋をご利用される際には『紙袋 大』をご利用ください。


[English Description]

Daiginjo Yamada-nishiki 35% Manotsuru MAHO

- May 2023: “Gold” at the Annual Japan Sake Awards!
- July 2023: Winner of the Milano Sake Challenge 2023 “Double Gold”!
- Sept. 2023: Winner of the “Gold” in the Daiginjo/Ginjo (Aromatic & Rich) category at the Oriental Sake Awards 2023!

Product Description

This is a daiginjo that has repeatedly won gold medals at the Annual Japan Sake Awards, the most prestigious official sake competition in Japan.
It has also received many honors, including a Gold Medal in the sake category at the International Wine Challenge 2015, the world’s most prestigious wine competition.
Manotsuru Maho received great acclaim from not only Japanese but also American wine journalists.
It has a ripe aroma of fruit and a fresh taste of pear. It is like a round, seven-colored sphere of balance, the ultimate in Japanese liquor, beyond Japanese sake.
We often receive thankful calls from the clients saying, "The recipient was so impressed with how good the gift was!” We are conversely impressed by the calls.

The name “Maho” was given by Mr. Maho Matsui, a veteran Echigo (Niigata Prefecture) toji, brew master, who once won the top prize in Japan and is the master of the current younger toji, Kenya Kudo.
Named for a man, Maho became, as his name suggests, a master toji in Japan. As the name suggests, its magnificent flavor, which evokes the undulation of golden ears of rice spreading all over the land, is an unforgettable sensation once consumed!

Packaged in a paulownia box

A word of advice
This high quality daiginjo can be drunk chilled, but we dare you to try it at about 15 degrees Celsius. When drunk in a wine glass, the rich, multi-layered flavors are even more apparent.
It is the star of the show without the need for cooking, but it is also a perfect accompaniment to dishes with creamy tastes.

If you match this sake with another bottle...

Be sure to try the new 「真野鶴・実来(みく)」, a sister sake to Manotsuru Maho! While Manotsuru Maho is a mellow sake brewed with Yamada-nishiki, Manotsuru Miku is a gorgeous and fragrant sake brewed with Koshitanrei, a sake rice grown only in Niigata.

When using a paper bag for a wooden box, please use the “Large Paper Bag.”

When using a sake bag (nonwoven fabric) with a wooden box, please use size M for 720ml and size L for 1,800ml.


  • 分類   大吟醸
  • アルコール度   16度
  • 日本酒度   +0〜+3
  • 酸度   1.0〜1.2
  • アミノ酸度   0.7〜0.9
  • 原料米・麹米   山田錦
  • 同・掛米   山田錦
  • 精米歩合   35%
  • 使用酵母   未公開