We are happy to welcome you.
Open 7days a week. (8:00am-5:00pm)

449 Mano-shinmachi Sado Island Niigata From port of Ryotsu Port ・Ogi Port it is 30minutes by car. From nearest bus stop(Mano-shinmachi Minamisen Line Ogi Line),it is foot about 15 minutes.

[ Video ]

The brewing room must be kept sterile, and at a constant temprerature. For this reason we are not able to let visitores enter.
So we show you the video about the sake brewing process at the entrance corner.
We have the english video.

[ Tasting ]

We invite you to visit our tasting corner, where you can taste the various sake we make.
You could sample whatever you with at our tasting corner.
Don't forget checkking the sake "Daiginjo Manotsuru no Mai " which is served to first and business-class passengers on Air France.

[ Other original products ]

Sake cake"Okesa-zuke"

We also have several types of sweets made with "Manotsuru" sake.
Sake cake is very popular.Because it is hand-made, wecan only produce 100 cakes each day.
For a side dish with your sake we recommend "Okesa-zuke", pickled in ginjo sake lees. This tsukemono is made with locally harvested Japanese cucumbers.

We have many original products to choose from, Rather than trying to carry them all home yourself. leave it to us.
We would be happy to ship your purchases to anywhere in the country.
We hope you enjoy the tour!